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Hudson’s License Service is a full service alcoholic beverage license service founded by Wade Hudson in 1977 after Mr. Hudson served 6 years as an agent with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC). We help business owners apply for their required licenses and permits for their businesses in the State of Texas. Hudson’s helps process applications for alcoholic beverage licenses and permits with the TABC, sales tax permits with the Texas State Comptroller, Texas lottery licenses, Tobacco permits, and many other types of permits.

Our knowledge and expertise are un-paralleled by any other service. Today Hudson’s License Service is owned and operated by Mr. Hudson’s daughter, Beverly Gunstream. We can translate “TABC-Speak” into plain English (o Espanol) to help you understand exactly what the TABC needs. Apply Today!

Hudson’s License Service offers assistance with applications for the following permits:

We are Here to Help You! We will save you time, money and frustration as we handle the red tape for you. We will help you gather the information required by the TABC and fill out your application for you providing the information to TABC in the format they prefer. Once your application is complete we take the application to the Texas State Comptroller, the City, and the County Clerk for approval. We stand in line for you so you don’t have to. We follow up with these offices daily to make sure they are reviewing your application so that it can be approved. Once the approvals are given, we then deliver the application to the TABC so that the TABC may begin their review, schedule your interview, and schedule the TABC location inspection. Once the TABC approves the application we take the Judge’s Order to the County Judge and schedule your hearing date. Once the County Judge approves your application we will pick up the application from him and pay for it at the required Tax Assessor. At that point we deliver the completed application back to the local TABC office where the application can enter the final phase of processing before issue. We follow up with TABC to be certain they are processing your application timely and notify you as soon as we receive confirmation that the permit has been issued. Our expertise is so valuable that even attorneys with the knowledge to do this work themselves hire us to process their applications to save them time and headaches. Apply Today!

Licenses & Permits for Retail Businesses

Alcoholic Beverage License: Acquire a Liquor license or Beer license for a business in Texas. We work with all business types including Restaurants, Bars, Night Clubs, Convenience Stores, Liquor Stores, Grocery Stores, Hotels, Golf Courses, Wholesalers, Non-Resident Sellers and Distributors. The City, County and State all must approve both the location and the ownership. Always remember to check the surroundings of your location for any nearby Schools, Churches, Day Cares, Hospitals, and Residences which could impact the ability of your location to qualify. Get started today!

Licenses & Permits for Retail Businesses

Alcoholic Beverage Licenses: The process to obtain an alcoholic beverage license is currently requiring approximately 2 to 3 months. Approval must be obtained first from the City, County Clerk, and Texas State Comptroller before the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) can begin consideration of the application for license. A business owner must be current on all sales tax and franchise tax and a location must be current on all property taxes in order to obtain a license. On-Premise consumption businesses where alcohol has not been sold in the last 2 years must post a sign at the location notifying the public that the location is applying for an alcoholic beverage license. Get started today!

Sales and Use Tax Permit: All Alcoholic Beverage Retailers must apply for and obtain a Sales and Use Tax Permit from the Texas State Comptroller. If you do not have a Sales Tax Permit you may not sell alcoholic beverages. And remember that the owner of the business on your Sales Tax Permit must match the name of the owner of the liquor or beer license. Once your licenses are issued your account with the Texas State Comptroller must remain current on all taxes or the TABC will cancel your liquor or beer license. Get started today!

Bonds: Please contact us to find out the requirements to obtain Bonds. Conduct Bonds are relatively easy to obtain with no credit checks for new businesses. However, any business that has received one or more tickets from TABC may require collateral before the bonding company will write the bond. Tax bonds will require credit checks on the business owner(s) and your account with the Texas State Comptroller must be current to obtain or renew a tax bond. The cost of the tax bonds are determined based on your credit check and payment record with the Texas State Comptroller. In most situations business owners become exempt from Conduct Bonds after 3 years and it is possible to become exempt from Tax bonds after 2 years of a perfect payment record with the Texas State Comptroller. Get started today!

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